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1992 The Anthology 1961-1977, Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions

El numero 178 de los 500 álbumes mas influyentes de todos los tiempos según la revista Rolling Stone.

Disco 1
01 Gypsy Woman
02 Grow Closer Together
03 Never Let Me Go
04 Little Young Lover
05 Minstrel And Queen
06 I'm The One Who Loves You
07 Sad Sad Girl And Boy
08 It's All Right
09 Talking About My Baby
10 I'm So Proud
11 Keep On Pushing
12 You Must Believe Me
13 See The Real Me
14 Amen
15 I've Been Trying
16 People Get Ready
17 It's Hard To Believe
18 Woman's Got Soul
19 Meeting Over Yonder
20 I Need You
21 You've Been Cheatin'
22 Man Oh Man
23 Can't Satisfy
24 We're A Winner
25 I Loved And I Lost
26 We're Rolling On (Part One)

Disco 2
01 Fool For You
02 This Is My Country
03 Choice Of Colors
04 Check Out Your Mind
05 Move On Up
06 (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're All Going To Go
07 The Makings Of You
08 Beautiful Brother Of Mine
09 Freddie's Dead
10 Superfly
11 Pusherman
12 So In Love
13 Only You Babe
14 Do Do Wap Is Strong In Here 

En su reseña de The Village Voice , el crítico musical Robert Christgau dio a la antología "A +" y escribió que se podría utilizar menos de sus primeras canciones y más de la "carrera en solitario radicalmente esporádica de Mayfield, "un compositor de este talento no tiene problemas para llenar dos CDs, y él es su propio intérprete vocal más apto".

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